What are the fabrics for trench coats? Which is the best trench coat fabric?

Tweed trench coat: tweed trench coat refers to the trench coat made of animal fur such as wool and cashmere, tweed trench coat have better elasticity and softness, fabric fluffy and warm effect, the appearance of tweed products are more beautiful, of course, tweed is very rich, not all tweed is suitable for making trench coats, tweed trench coat commonly used to make trench coats tweed facecloth, maiden and thick models tweed, etc..


Polyester windbreaker: polyester is less expensive than cotton and has good abrasion resistance, and windproof and anti-static properties, but the clothes are not very breathable and can be a bit stuffy after wearing, and the warmth is very limited.

What are the fabrics of windbreaker? What kind of windbreaker fabric is best?

Cotton windbreaker: The price of cotton windbreaker is much cheaper compared to tweed and leather windbreaker, and it is very warm in winter, but cotton is thicker and heavier, and if you wear more clothes inside, it will bind the body to move.

What are the fabrics of trench coats? Which is the best windbreaker fabric?


Ice cotton windbreaker: ice cotton refers to the surface of the cotton with a layer of coating, the coating has a cool feeling and also good waterproof performance, suitable for making summer windbreaker, windbreaker floating and very comfortable to wear, cloth quality than cotton and linen are much lighter, ice cotton windbreaker this year also has very good sales.

What are the windbreaker fabrics? Which is the best trench coat fabric?

Leather trench coat: leather trench coat in addition to a dominant appearance, it also has the function of wind and rain, but also has a very good warmth, for trendy men and women leather trench coat is a very good choice, autumn and winter season will wear a little more.

What are the fabrics of windbreaker? Which is the best trench coat fabric?

As for the windbreaker fabric which is better depends entirely on their own needs, in the summer then preferably breathable and cool ice cotton windbreaker, while the winter then cotton windbreaker or leather windbreaker, in fact, not recommended polyester windbreaker, unless the case of a very limited budget to buy polyester windbreaker.


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