Fabric quality assessment method

The method of assessing the quality of the fabric is in accordance with the requirements of the fabric quality or contract requirements, inspection methods, the fabric inspection, according to the results of the test compared to technical standards, set out the level of the fabric. The content of the test includes the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of two aspects. Intrinsic quality refers to the fabric organization, width, warp and weft density, warp and weft shrinkage, a square meter weight, dyeing fastness, etc.. Some fabric intrinsic quality also includes tear strength, wear resistance, fabric yarn slip resistance, etc. The appearance of defects refers to the fabric surface can be observed by the naked eye defects, caused by raw materials, weaving preparation, weaving, finishing and printing and dyeing processing. Such as cotton fabrics on the cotton knots, impurities, oil yarn, creases, etc.. The presence of appearance defects not only affect the appearance of the fabric, but also affect the durability of the fabric, for the blank fabric also affect the normal processing of the back order. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider the grade of the fabric according to the intrinsic quality and appearance quality.


Fabric inspection methods usually have instrument inspection and sensory inspection, fabric feel and luster usually use sensory inspection.


The feel of the fabric is an important element that people use to identify the quality of fabric quality. Specifically, the feeling of touching the fabric with the hand in the psychological response, due to the different varieties of fabric, the quality of high and low also varies, the effect of the feel of the fabric, there is also a large difference.

In addition, people can also use the role of force, stretching with the hand, grasping the grain and other actions, and then through the observation of the eye, the feeling of the hand, you can judge the elasticity of the fabric, strength, wrinkle resistance and fiber category.




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