What are the characteristics of lace fabric? What are the uses?

Lace was originally introduced from abroad, it is a kind of crochet mesh organization, fabric texture is thin and has a good permeability, lace fabric noble and elegant very artistic effect, often used to produce women's intimate apparel, lace according to the elasticity can be divided into elastic with no elastic two, this article will give you an introduction to lace fabrics have what characteristics.

 What are the characteristics of lace fabric? What are the uses

Lace fabric characteristics

Lace is generally used to embroider fabric for clothing, so it can also be called embroidery fabric, it often plays the role of auxiliary materials in clothes, clothing after lace decoration will have a lean luxury and romantic feeling, the current lace as the main material of clothing also gradually popular and popular, in the lace decoration can highlight the ladies' body and temperament.

1, silk fabrics are soft lace is no exception, and lace and other fabrics are easy to match, is one of the favorite fabrics of designers and fashionistas.

2, lace fabric is wide and shapely and clear stripes, it can well reflect the human body curve, even in the suit and other high-end clothing will use lace as decoration.

3, lace is thin and breathable with an elegant atmosphere, in the underwear is also widely used.

4, but lace is not washable, after washing may appear shrinkage deformation, in addition to lace is also easy to pilling, if the use of low-quality lace is also easy to scratch the skin.

5, silk are more likely to hang silk breakage, when wearing to avoid contact with sharp objects.



The use of lace fabric:

Lace is mainly used for clothing fabrics and accessories:

1, often used as a high-grade clothing accessories, such as dresses, suits on the embellishment.

2, lace fabric underwear and panties are also gradually popularized.

3, lace dresses and dresses are widely loved by young women.



Classification of lace:

Lace fabric will generally be divided into cotton and blended two, the former has the characteristics of cotton, because the fabric itself does not have elasticity so called inelastic fabric, while lace blended fabric combined with the characteristics of other chemical fibers, not only elasticity will have a higher practicality. Generally will be blended with nylon or spandex.




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