Linen fabric washing and maintenance of the way

Linen is a more widely used clothing fabrics, it is with excellent moisture absorption and breathable performance, in the summer by countless consumers sought after, but clothes through a while we will find that the clothes will begin to wrinkle and lose elasticity, this is because you do not use the correct way of maintenance, the next we will learn together with the linen fabric washing and maintenance methods.

 How to wash and maintain linen fabric

How to wash linen fabric


If you use the washing machine, you can set the cleaning mode to "gentle washing", in order to more fully wash the water level should be set to a larger. It is best not to mix with other colors of clothes together.


To prevent wrinkling and deformation of clothes try not to put too many clothes together.


If the clothes are not too dirty it is recommended to wash them by hand and gently rub them in the water, if they are washed in the washing machine for too long it will shorten the cycle of clothing use.


When drying to keep the cloth flat, uneven or with a clip after drying very easy to wrinkle.


Linen fabric how to maintain


1, to comply with the instructions of the clothing tag.

You can look at the content of the clothing tag, which will introduce the composition of the clothing fabric and cleaning methods, try to follow the requirements of the tag to wash and maintenance, there is a tag will also indicate whether the garment can be ironed and washing temperature, etc..


2, stained with oil should be cleaned immediately

We eat or in other activities inadvertently stained with oil on the clothes, should immediately wash with water locally, if possible, the whole piece of cleaning, or wait for the oil to dry, basically is not clean, which will greatly affect the overall beauty of the clothing.


3, try not to use bleach

Linen is a natural plant fiber, the use of bleach will destroy the fiber structure, even white linen clothes, it is not recommended to use bleach, may appear after the clothes bleached and dried yellow spots.


4, after washing the clothes do not need to wring the special dry

If you continue to dry the linen fabric when the water dries, there will be our common fabric wrinkling, so be sure to put away in time after drying.


5, if wrinkled to be ironed in a humid environment

Because the dry fabric in the ironing process will be too high temperature due to the destruction of fibers, which is an irreversible damage.



6, pay attention to the washing temperature of linen

Washing water temperature finally below 35 degrees Celsius, linen clothing can be washed or machine washable, it is recommended to use neutral detergent, after washing in the shade to dry.



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