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1. anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial fabric fabric purpose of meaning
1.1 The meaning of anti-bacterial fabricDeodorization Fabrics
Sterilization: killing vegetative microorganisms and the role of propagules called sterilization. Antibacterial: to prevent or inhibit microbial growth and reproduction of the role of known bacteria. Antibiotic: antibacterial and bactericidal effect of the total referred to as anti-bacterial.

1.2 The purpose of anti-bacterial fabric
Textile fabrics from the fibers, because of its porous polymer-type object shape and the chemical structure conducive to microbial adhesion, as microorganisms, parasitic body of good breeding. In addition to the parasitic body outside of the health hazards of pollution, but also fiber, and therefore the main purpose of antimicrobial fabric is to eliminate these negative effects.

2 anti-bacterial fabric antibacterial performance test
Anti-bacterial fabric has a special quality inspection indicator, anti-bacterial effect. Determination of antibacterial effect on domestic and foreign scholars have proposed a variety of evaluation experiment, but there are some shortcomings, the scope has some limitations. Leaching antimicrobial agent can be divided into type (fabric Deodorization Fabricsantibacterial agent can be slowly dissolved in water) and non-leaching type (combination of antimicrobial agents and fiber can not be dissolved), with the appropriate representative of the antibacterial performance test method: GB15979 -2002 standard for disposable sanitary products, also known as "hunting flask method", applicable to non-leaching antibacterial agent in the production of textiles. The trial will test the antibacterial rate of antibacterial polyester fabric.

2.1 Principles of antimicrobial fabric testing
Oscillation flask inoculation is a certain concentration in the sample, through a long strong oscillation increased antimicrobial testing of contact materials and the test bacteria to compare the number of oscillations before and after the change of the colony samples to evaluate the antimicrobial fabric performance. 2.2 Evaluation Criteria antibacterial fabricDeodorization Fabrics
According to GB 15979-2002, was inhibitory rate of the sample group and the control film sample group is greater than the difference between the inhibitory rate of 26%, can determine whether the product is sterile. Through research and analysis of the experimental tests that use anti-bacterial fabric antibacterial polyester fiber fabrics have good antibacterial effects, anti-bacterial fabric fabric fabric content on the antibacterial effects have great impact on the fabric fiber content of each percentage inhibition rate, the fabric has good antibacterial effect, and antibacterial polyester fabric with a close to the antibacterial effect.

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